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All My Children Photo Album

Select from the links below to see photos of your favorite All My Children stars, characters, and couples.

Adam/Stuart Chandler played by David Canary
Adrian Sword played by Mathew St. Patrick
Anna Devane played by Finola Hughes
Bianca Montgomery played by Eden Riegel
Brooke English played by Julia Barr
Dr. David Hayward played by Vincent Irizarry
Count Dimitri Marrick played by Michael Nader
Dixie Martin played by Cady McClain
Edmund Grey played by John Callahan
Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci
Gillian Andrassy Lavery played by Esta Terblanch
Greenlee Smythe played by Rebecca Budig
Hayley Santos played by Kelly Ripa
Jackson Montgomery played by Walt Willey
Dr. Jake Martin played by J. Eddie Peck
Dr. Jake Martin played by Michael Lowry
Dr. Joe Martin played by Ray MacDonnell
Leo du Pres played by Josh Duhamel
Liza Colby Chandler played by Marcy Walker
Dr. Maria Santos played by Eva LaRue Callahan
Mateo Santos played by Mark Consuelos
Myrtle Fargate played by Eileen Herlie
Opal Sue Gardner Purdy Cortlandt played by Jill Larson
Palmer Cortlandt played by James Mitchell
Phoebe Tyler Wallingford played by Ruth Warrick
Ryan Lavery played by Cameron Mathison
Tad Martin played by Michael E. Knight
Vanessa Cortlandt played by Marj Dusay
Mateo and Hayley
Tad and Dixie

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